Paintbrush on Hold

When my husband and I found out we were expecting, my art studio was moved from the future nursery and into our basement. And despite my disdain for basements, I really enjoyed the freedom of making a huge mess and not having to worry much about cleaning up the floor. But as far as success in art goes, the more comfortable I am in a space, the better the end product and-hanging out with spiders had me a bit on edge.

On top of that, hubby and I have been talking about a “movie room” since before we were married. Our hope has always been to finish a basement and make it a comfy place for enjoying the big screen and playing video games.

We’ve been incredibly blessed with the means to make it happen much earlier than we expected thanks to the help of my Dad.

So for the past few months, my contractor Dad has given his free time to making our basement a living space, moving our laundry room, adding a bathroom, and of course, building an art room for me.

Therefore, my painting supplies have been boxed up and stuck in a crawl space until the project is finished.

I miss working with acrylics on canvas, but when it is all said and done, I’ll have the perfect room all to myself for creating and in the meantime, I’m just really thankful for a husband that understands my passion and was happy to give up some “movie room” space for my art, and a Dad who works incredibly hard every day-then comes to my house to work some more.
Stay tuned for: In the Meantime: A New Medium