We Are Called to be His

“When we let go of the things of this world, His light is shown through us, and unto others.”

There are people. And then there are the things that we believe define those people.For example: There is Me. But-I’ve defined myself(in accordance with society) by my history, things I treasure, morals, ideas, material possessions, plans for the future, the list goes on.

Something I’ve realized with the help of some personal development, is that I have spent a lifetime identifying with the things I just listed, but they are not who I am. I’m not my history, my treasures, my morals, my ideas, my stuff, or my plans for the future.
I’m just me.

I’ve thought about it like this:
Jesus wants to shine through me(through all of us). But-I’m focused on carrying the things of this world, blocking God’s light from shining through me and unto those I interact with. 

When I let go of those things-expectation, fear, distraction, the past, the future, and I trust God with them, there is space for the light to shine. I’m no longer a shadow, but translucent.

When I let go of those things- I am calm. I am kind and compassionate. I’m loving and honest. I’m at peace, and I try to share that peace with others.

I don’t want the worries of this world to hold me back from being “ME”. Not only am I better able to please God, but I’m overwhelmed with contentment and joy for life. I falter in that goal every. Single. Day but I’m not perfect, and I try harder the next opportunity. 

We are not called to belong to this world, we are called to be His.

This is my experience, but it’s not about me. I’m sharing what I’ve been going through in hopes that you’ll join me. Maybe you’ll be inspired to see things from a new point of view. 

I’d just encouraging anyone reading this to think-is something holding you back from being “you”? Have you defined yourself based on the things of this world? What if you defined yourself from God’s perspective? Perhaps then you would realize how loved and cherished you truly are. ❤️

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