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6 Reasons I am Glad My “Life is Over” at 22.

​This past May, many of my peers were graduating college, moving onto graduate school, settling into new cities, and searching for jobs. The timing had me very reflective-because at the same time, I was overjoyed with news I was pregnant, celebrating 2 years with my husband, and had just left my job to be a house wife/mom. Early on in my marriage, I was faced with wondering if settling down so young had been the right decision, but looking back on the past two years and looking ahead to the birth of our child, I am confident that starting a life young was meant for me; Here’s why:

I skipped the party stage

  I thought I would have regrets about missing this entirely, but then I remember that I never had to be in an uncomfortable position because I was out doing things I shouldn’t have been doing. I had plenty of friends in high school, and even in my 6 weeks of college, that I didn’t need alcohol or wild parties to socialize. I don’t have any embarassing stories, and while I’m not condemning those that do, I’m just glad it wasn’t me. 

I have a really cute dog.

  He is sitting in my lap right now making sure I include him. But seriously, because I am settled down and not going anywhere, I have built my life at this house. I’ve got an art studio, a flock of chickens, a garden, and a super cute dog. All things I wouldn’t trade to go back and marry later in life.

The search is over.

  I consider myself so blessed to have married my best friend so young. My dating history barely extends beyond my middle school “relationships”. I don’t have to worry about meeting people, or decide when it’s finally ok to text someone after a date-Because I can nag my husband any time I want! And come on, maybe I am biased, but hubby is a real catch, and I would hate to have given anyone else a chance to snatch him up. 😊

I still have time to focus on me. 

I doubt I will be saying this once the baby is born, but I haven’t missed out on pursuing my goals because I married young. My husband being a composer, he understands the importance of creativity and pushes me to pursue my artwork. He has never held me back, but if anything, he has given all that he can to make my dreams come true.

My life is pretty “boring”.

  In a good way. Maybe it’s the introvert in me that hates making plans and never knowing what is happening the next day, but life is simple and I enjoy that. I take care of the house, feed my chickens, water my plants, strike up a conversation with the neighbors, bake some cookies, and do it all again the next day-and that is all the excitement I need in life.

I am totally ready to rock mom-life.   cannot imagine waiting any longer. Maybe it was the two years of nannying that did it, but I am so ready to meet my baby and raise him/her. I’m going to be young enough to maybe-sorta keep up with this child and give him/her all of the love that I have. Hubby and I are so thrilled to add a little one to our lives.

I am definitely not arguing that there is a right or wrong way to go about life, that there is anything wrong with partying, or marrying later, or starting a family later. Actually, I think I am probably in the minority as far as my generation goes. But everyone is ready for different things at different times, and I am glad this is the direction God has led me.

Through Her Eyes: Artist Statement


  I have always been inspired by the natural beauty and simplicity surrounding the small town of New Wilmington. I was moved to see this imagery hanging on the walls of my own home and, as I set out to do so, I came in touch with a local photographer whose images further inspired me to pursue landscapes. My work strives to represent the complex beauty of nature in an impressionistic manner. This painting style forced me to question, “What specific colors and textures are necessary to turn this blank canvas into a scene from nature?” These paintings allowed me to notice aspects of nature that I would not normally notice, like purple clouds in a stormy sunset, or the multitude of colors on a cow I would normally classify as ‘brown’.
  My love for painting gained momentum when I was introduced to Acrylic paints. With the motivation of a new medium and a very supportive art teacher, I fell in love with a new art style. In an effort to impress my now husband, a composer and musician that I was desperate to appeal to in a creative way, I kept up with my new hobby. His continued support and that of my friends and family has helped me to pursue my favorite means of expression. I love the way that paintings are limitless, knowing that no two are the same and that there are endless possibilities.
The colorful bird paintings that will be on display have become a favorite style of mine. I find motivation for these paintings in my marriage, using the birds’ body language to convey concepts like love, patience, understanding, and peace. The colors in the background are meant to flow and set the tone of the piece.

Perhaps my favorite painting is the impressionist-type image of a mother and child that I painted while pregnant and overcome with joy. I felt so inspired and in a single moment felt something inside me that rushed me to my desk and had me painting until the work was complete. Soon after completing the piece, I experienced a miscarriage. The piece now has a new meaning as a reminder of the love that a mother has for a child, and the connection felt even early on in a pregnancy.

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to view my work and hope that it has inspired each of you to look at the world a little differently; perhaps, seeing a sunset, but noticing the clouds that reflect it’s colors, or the blades of grass that create a contrast to the sky. Thank you, Bottlebrush Gallery for the Arts, for supporting me through all of my artistic endeavors!